Infection kits

Emergency Equipment Shop - devices
to protect the medical staff

The Emergency Equipment Shop supplies all items to protect the medical staff and the health operators. The company provides infection kits with all the necessary protections to treat infective patients with the least risk of contracting the same infection and dramatically reducing the chances to worsen the patient’s conditions. The infection kits have a double function: they aim to protect the medical staff and to avoid the circumstances, which might worsen the patient’s infection. The kits are designed by professional operators and doctors who are expert in the treatment of patients and include all you need to work under safety conditions. The infection kits provided by the Emergency Equipment Shop include:

  • 4 gowns
  • 4 three-layered masks
  • 1 FFp3 mask
  • Protection glasses
  • 4 shoe covers
  • 4 bouffant caps

Every kit is certified and comes with its bag. The kit may be supplied to private health centres, association working in the healthcare industry or public bodies.