Emergency first-aid equipment

Emergency Equipment Shop –the company

Emergency Equipment Shop is a company founded in Desenzano sul Garda, which operates in the healthcare industry. The company is basically focused on the supply of first-aid equipment and emergency medical equipment. The offer of the Emergency Equipment Shop is mainly for medical centres, health centres and private customers in general, public bodies working in the healthcare industry and associations. We provide assistance to hospitals, volunteering associations, medical centres and everything that concerns the healthcare industry.

Our offer of first-aid equipment, medical equipment in general and our supply service have been thoroughly studied by many experienced healthcare professionals. The medical equipment must necessarily fit the needs of the clients, who are the final users. For this reason we employ experts who deeply analyse the needs of the clients in order to provide them with the most fitting devices. The Emergency Equipment Shop furthermore collaborates with the medical equipment manufacturers in order to better understand where and how to modify and improve the first-aid equipment and the medical equipment.

Thanks to the medical consulting in the healthcare and first-aid industry, we have managed to create an offer for the professionals who work in this sector. A conscious offer is the only way to be successful in this sector characterized by many technical devices, where the smallest details play a crucial role and, in some cases, may decide for the life or death of a patient. A conscious offer, which considers the needs of the medical staff, includes only the best equipment in the sector, which must be effective and reliable.
Furthermore, a conscious offer, which considers the needs of the medical staff, is aware of the special needs of every single customer, whether being a private customer, a public body or an association with specific goals. For this reason, if you go to the Emergency Equipment Shop, you will receive a professional analysis that will consider all your needs, the circumstances you may find. Depending on these specific parameters, the staff will recommend you the most suitable items.

The Emergency Equipment Shop mainly works in the north of Italy, but our supply and consulting service is active everywhere in Italy. In order to know the details of our offer, to have a quote or ask for a consulting from our experts in the healthcare and first-aid sector, do not hesitate to contact us. You may find our phone number and email address in the contacts page. If you ask the Emergency Equipment Shop, a member of our staff will be immediately available for you.